LYNC joins forces with Mantle Chain to onboard more games on Web3

2 min readMay 18, 2023


LYNC joins forces with Mantle Chain as an official GameFi partner

Exciting news! LYNC joins forces with Mantle as GameFi partner to make blockchain gaming accessible for everyone via LYNC SDKs and infrastructure. Game developers and studios can now integrate Mantle easily with a few clicks.

Mantle is a high-performance Ethereum layer-2 network built with modular architecture delivering high security at low fees. Builders can leverage Mantle’s unique design to build dApps with exceptional UX, all while relying on Ethereum’s unrivaled security.

LYNC chose to partner with the Mantle network due to the unique attributes that set Mantle apart. Mantle stands as the inaugural Ethereum layer-2 chain developed by a DAO, making it a pioneer in the space. Its design incorporates a modular structure, utilizing an optimistic rollup coupled with a novel data availability solution. This combination enables Mantle to both benefits from the robust security infrastructure of Ethereum and provides a more affordable and readily accessible data availability option. And in terms of web3 gaming Mantle is working with the best players in the space including Game7, Yeeha Games, and HyperPlay.

LYNC is a GameFi infrastructure that provides a scalable infrastructure for building and launching web3 games, without hampering the gaming experience.

Some of the key elements of LYNC infra:

1) Go Web2 to Web3 in minutes than months
2) Access account abstraction for the better gaming experience
3) List in-game assets as NFT in no time
4) Unlock On-Ramp/Off-Ramp & direct checkouts inside your game engine in a few clicks.
5) Enable in-game marketplace, gasless transaction, and smart contract interaction without leaving the gaming environment.
6) Save Up to $500K+ on Salaries & Smart Contract Auditing

As a result of this partnership, LYNC aims to help Web2 and Web3 gaming projects go live on the Mantle Chain in a few minutes than months, by keeping the web3 complexities aside and without affecting the gaming experience. With Mantle’s super fast and high performance, game devs can unlock the true potential of blockchain gaming.

Are you a game developer looking to explore the potential of blockchain gaming? Check out LYNC and get early access.

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