Integrate Metamask into Unity lightning-fast with this method!

1 min readMar 14, 2023


LYNC Launches Metamask Wallet SDK for Easy Integration and Analytics for Gamers

Game developers can now integrate Metamask wallet into their games easily, thanks to the new LYNC Metamask Wallet SDK. This software development kit (SDK) is designed to make the integration process fast and simple, enabling developers to focus more on game development.

The LYNC Metamask Wallet SDK is completely free and supports over 100 networks. With this SDK, game developers can integrate Metamask wallet in less than 30 seconds, saving time and resources.

LYNC is a GameFi infrastructure that allows game developers to launch their game on-chain, by keeping blockchain complexities aside.

To make the process even better, LYNC plans to launch a gamers analytics system that will be attached to the Metamask SDKs. This system will provide better analysis of gamers, giving developers more insights and data to improve the gaming experience.

Game developers can download the LYNC Metamask Wallet SDK at


Integrate Metamask wallet into your game in 30 seconds

With this SDK, they can integrate Metamask wallet easily and benefit from the advantages of blockchain technology in gaming.

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